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Arizona Right To Life Effort to Stop Late-Term Abortion Measure

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July 3, 2024
Contact: Jill Norgaard
C: (602) 402-6844

Arizona Right To Life Effort to Stop Late-Term Abortion Measure

AZRTL prepares to fight against the Planned Parenthood sponsored ballot proposition with signatures due today.

(Phoenix, AZ) – Despite their claim of turning in record signatures to the Secretary of State today, Arizona Right to Life remains committed to challenging the signatures to prevent the Arizona Abortion Access Act from getting onto the ballot.  

For months, Arizona Right to Life (AZRTL) has compiled evidence of deceptive tactics being used to gather signatures. They continue to educate the public regarding this deceitful bill and are prepared to challenge signatures to prevent this ballot measure. 

Planned Parenthood, along with tens of millions in out of state funding, are trying to add the Arizona Abortion Access Act (AAAA) to the November ballot for a public vote.  The AAAA would allow for late term and dismemberment abortions up to birth. 

Lori Zee Gray, AZ Right to Life Board member and spokesperson, gave her thoughts on the pending AAAA measure and her own personal experience, “Sadly, I had 2 abortions and feel physical and emotional pain daily, still, and that’s why I fight every day for the unborn and their mothers. Abortion up until birth in my state is unimaginable.”

The effort to educate members of the public has resulted in independents and registered democrats changing their minds on AAAA and adopting AZRTL’s position.

The AAAA is not for Arizona.  Should the late-term abortion bill be legalized,  its vague language puts girls and women at risk. The protections for abusers and traffickers prevent parents and victims from seeking true justice. Further, the harm to future generations created by allowing minors to get abortions, without parental consent, is unthinkable. 


About Arizona Right To Life – Founded in 1974, the Arizona Right to Life is a 501 (c)4, non-profit organization with the goal of building support for Pro-Life legislation through education and building relationships in the community. Learn more at

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